July 23 2019  |  Fragrances, Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare

Molsheim & Co unveils upscale Crystal Fragrance Collection

By Hibah Noor

Molsheim & Co’s Crystal Collection, the world’s first Champagne-inspired fragrance collection

Molsheim & Co (M&CO) is an established and bespoke prestige luxury goods house located in France, focused on luxury fragrances to haute Couture jewelry.

The family-owned French house specializes in creating unique fragrances targeting the niche market, with Romeo Ricci serving as M&CO Fragrance Creative Director.

Positioned at the top of its prestigious range is M&CO’s Crystal Collection, the world’s first Champagne-inspired fragrance collection. This unisex line targets a niche uber fashion-forward clientele. Its packaging is inspired by the art of celebration and is designed to be glamorously displayed as an art piece. Both the design concept and inspiration have been envisioned by the M&CO's family team and its Creative Director Romeo Ricci. The bottle colors are trend-setting and glamorous to reflect its fashion flair and bubbly aromas.

Zurich Lloyds (ZL), a fine fragrance distributor, is excited to announce that it has been appointed the authorized distributor for M&CO’s upscale Crystal Collection of fragrances in the Americas (US and Latin America) in domestic and duty free markets. The company also has an agreement to distribute the Crystal Collection in duty free in Asia and the Middle East.

ZL is gearing up to launch the exclusive Crystal Collection of four unisex fragrances initially in the duty free sector. “It is a tax free exclusive initially – and exclusively – for the first six months, and then we will launch it in domestic in the US and Latin America,” explains Paul Goldstein - Global Travel Retail Sales Director, Zurich Lloyds Corp.

Following the travel retail launch period, the collection will be sold in high-end department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman in New York.

Global awareness and gifting

“We expect the M&CO Crystal Collection to be in most major markets for Latin America within a year of launch. Firstly, because of its market positioning and who we’re targeting. The packaging and concept are not gimmicky-looking,” he says. “Secondly, the scents are niche. The Beluga line, for example, is an oud fragrance line that both men and women can wear.” The other three fragrances in this special private collection are called Gold, Rose and Platinum. The duty free retail price for each fragrance is US$75.

Transformed with modern stylistic cues taken from cosmopolitan spirit, the Beluga fragrance is a seductive new interpretation of the renowned oriental ingredient. The Platinum line pairs explosive bubbly aromas of refined fibers with the allure of a sumptuous Arab evening that leaves an indelible mark, while Gold’s formulation blends seven notes to give the combination of a vibrant and fresh fruit character with a soft texture. The Rose line, the embodiment of the color pink, is described as an explosion of energy, and a celebration of vitality. Rich, fun and a little mysterious, the impassioned Rose fragrance is a symbol of desire and love.

“The Crystal Collection comes in a jewelry-style hard gift box with gold foil. The box is large – it’s a very impress presentation,” continues Goldstein.

“We’ve researched the demographics and positioning, and niche fragrance is one of the biggest growth markets. The packaging and niche market we’re targeting fit into the demographic market of the Middle East, Asians and Latin Americans.”

Goldstein explains that M&Co is a small family company that makes everything specialized and bespoke “with a passion and art inspired in its products”.

M&CO succeeds by its multifaceted aspects: from Diamonds to fragrances, from the pursuit of excellence and passion to a unique spirit of avant-gardism, from architecture to art.

“All of these qualities work together to compose M&CO engagement in the world of ideas and innovation, as the house has always considered fashion, luxury and beauty as an artistic essence in a unique sensory world,” enthuses the house.

For more information, please contact Paul Goldstein at export@zurichlloyds.com.

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