August 1 2019  |  Fragrances, Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare

A fresh face in travel retail

By Jas Ryat

Laboratoire Nuxe's new instant facial masks for millennials offer a quick 2-minute facial solution

Independently-owned natural cosmetics brand Laboratoire Nuxe is tapping into duty free operators’ demands for fresh, new brands in the skincare category, as retailers aim to target the growing band of millennial shoppers in the channel.

Marion Bruimaud, Global Travel Retail Director, says that Nuxe’s travel retail business has been “very good” lately and has been developing strongly in Europe. The French brand, most famous for its Huile Prodigieuse dry oil, is now present in most big airports in this region. Currently, Bruimaud’s travel retail team is now also focusing on the Middle East. Though the European footprint is strong, the brand does not have a major presence in the Middle East – yet. It’s only a matter of time, as the brand is carried onboard Qatar Airways, and discussions are moving on with major travel retailers. Bruimaud expects Nuxe to start trading in duty free shops in the region by the end of the year.

Marion Bruimaud, Laboratoire Nuxe Global Travel Retail Director

"After our European consolidation, we will extend our distribution to Africa, the Middle East and Asia,” she tells Asia Duty Free magazine.

Nuxe is building on the launch of new products first presented at the TFWA World Exhibition in October 2018 – including its Crème Prodigieuse Boost for millennials, a multi-correction product developed to boost the skin's youthfulness.

Fresh floral scent

A few months ago, Nuxe introduced a sister product to the famous Huile Prodigieuse. The new three-in-one product contains the same famous oil but with a floral fragrance. “With this new product we’re planning to appeal to new customers and Asian customers,” explains Bruimaud. “It’s the same dry oil – not greasy – but with a very different fragrance. The original was sunny and warm, and this is a fresh floral.”

Three-in-one product Huile Prodigieuse is the same famous oil but now available in a floral fragrance

Nuxe plans to use the same fragrance in other products in the range, as the firm reckons the scent will attract consumers in Asia – and also in Europe. “We believe in the potential of this product for Asia, and we aim to develop specific sets for Asian people,” she says, citing a cleanser containing raw petals as another example of a product that targets Asian shoppers.

Another new product launching now is Crème Prodigieuse 5 in 1 Primer. This line is targeted at millennials who are demanding a quick, effective, natural product. Some 75% of the ingredients are natural – a factor that has so far attracted many major airline buyers. Consumers are attracted by its 15-second effect, according to Bruimaud.

In terms of trends, Bruimaud has observed the rise in popularity of instant facial masks. Nuxe has introduced three types of mask for millennials boasting a 2-minute action. Each mask caters to different needs, namely exfoliating, purifying and cleansing.

Turning to the potential of travel retail as a sector, she notes: “Travel retail is an important platform for the visibility and image of the brand – its part of our international strategy to initially target the domestic market and then travel retail. We have international customers today who want to find Nuxe in both the local market and at the airport,” she shares.

“Nuxe has good potential in duty free. Before, the channel was always about the big brands, but travel retail operators have opened the door to new brands and categories.”

Bruimaud believes Nuxe fits perfectly into the natural brand trend, as a large proportion of the brand’s range is made with natural ingredients. “Today, it’s key, especially for young customers, to offer eco-friendly, natural formulas.”

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