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Zamora Company promotes new brand strategy

By Jas Ryat

Alicia Jiménez, Area Manager Europe, Zamora

Branded “6 Axis of Acting”, Zamora Company’s action strategy is based on six key aspects that promote a responsibility to society including its clients, suppliers and collaborators all over the world. Based in Madrid, “Zamora Company is a [wine & spirits] firm with Spanish origins, but with a clear international vocation,” says its website. Aligning with its mission to achieve an international presence, Zamora is already well established in Mexico and now experiencing significant growth in the Americas. Acknowledging that millennials want heritage, provenance and flavor, Zamora’s travel retail strategy is geared toward sharing its brands’ stories and encouraging trial.

As a result of its emerging business in the Americas – more specifically, USA – the company believes it’s important to continue developing its relationship with local markets and travel retail channels. The main objective: to take advantage of both the potential of its products and the global economy. While the Asia-Pacific area continues to experience steady growth, it’s important for Zamora to maintain its focus in the Americas because the introduction of direct marketing is key. Today, Zamora has a direct route to market with Zamora Company USA, which provides complete focus to the country – and its wider region. Although Zamora’s profile includes a long list of premium wine & spirit brands, the company is primarily promoting Licor 43, Lolea, Yellow Rose and Martin Miller’s at this time.

Licor 43, a legendary elixir composed of 43 natural ingredients, continues to be the best selling Spanish liqueur in the world

Offering a characteristic golden tone, Licor 43 is the best selling Spanish liqueur in the world and present in 60+ countries. Inspired by a legendary elixir (with Roman roots) and made with 43 natural ingredients, Licor 43 allows for a variety of sipping combinations. Central to the secret family recipe: selected botanical ingredients & Mediterranean citrus. Aiming to re-vamp the slogan and messaging of the 17-year old flagship product, the team executed a global campaign to generate awareness among millennial trendsetters, influencers and foodies. With the tagline: “Tastes Better Together”, the ad campaign highlights the 70-year-old family formula and features two range extensions: Licor 43 Baristo and Licor 43 Orochata. Fusion-friendly, they take the essence of the original liqueur and add a dose of coffee and a splash of tiger nut milk, respectively.

“We are letting our trade and consumer customers everywhere know that our flagship product, currently the fastest growing premium liqueur in the world, is an expert blend of 43 natural ingredients which taste better together. Unifying under this single message all over the world is key to our success in all the channels – from bartenders looking for cocktail inspiration to millennial foodies looking for a product with heritage and provenance,” states Alicia Jiménez, Area Manager – Europe, Zamora.

Using staff members and brand ambassadors to share a common message, Zamora has increased its presence in airports across Spain to communicate its re-messaging. The team has strategically positioned signage and products within main spaces, walk throughs and bars to spread the word. Plus, key locations offer tastings and sampling sessions with experts. Since travel retail is all about creating an appealing image to represent the brand, this is powerful in regards to overall reach, engagement and sales. “Travel retail is increasingly a shop window into our brands and we work to ensure [Zamora] has the best presence for its brands in the passengers’ minds,” Jiménez adds.

Martin Miller’s gin range presents a new proposition to gin drinkers around the world

To note: the team recently added the 14 Moons travel exclusive to its Martin Miller’s gin range – a limited-edition PX cask gin, perfect for gin lovers looking to experiment and add to their collection.

Framed as "the perfect drink to refresh [your] summer aperitif moments and afternoons with a stylish sophisticated touch”, Lolea brings a whole new face to fiesta. The craft gourmet sangria (100% natural) is performing strongly in the USA and Americas due to the synergy between the brand, packaging and liquid. Simply catching the attention of the consumer and striking a curiosity to look (and taste) through its colorful packaging and related brand activations, the deliciously fruity image of the brand is powerful. Last year, Lolea was introduced into France and Portugal where business is “booming” in the former and steady in the latter. As noted by the team, there remains room to activate the brand via imaging.

On the rise is Yellow Rose, the urban craft whisky from the heart of Texas. Acquiring the brand almost two years ago, the product is made in the first legal distillery in the city of Houston, Texas. Because of the weather and climate in Texas (dry and desert), Yellow Rose offers a special quality and a different story compared to its traditional competition, many of which come from more prominent whisky producing states like Tennessee and Kentucky. Until recently, consumers could only purchase the craft whisky in Houston. However, Jiménez concludes that it’s time for Zamora to use all of its experience of taking brands to receptive export markets and tell the Yellow Rose Tale.

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