September 23 2020  |  Fragrances, Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare

Valentino introduces VOCE VIVA

By Laura Shirk

Described as an ode to multi-faceted femininity with color, couture and cool notes, VOCE VIVA offers a strong and inimitable voice: Lady Gaga to encourage women to be unique, different and shine in their own way

Described as an ode to multi-faceted femininity with color, couture and cool notes, VOCE VIVA offers a strong and inimitable voice: Lady Gaga. In the spirit of Italian dolce vita together, with the force of femininity that defines Valentino, VOCE VIVA is an invitation to live authentically and celebrate the individual personalities and traits of every women. Beyond a name, VOCE VIVA is “a call to voice our highest dreams, then to live them.”

Immaterial yet unforgettable, like a loved voice, VOCE VIVA creates an edible feeling. To form an irreverent presence, Valentino Beauty called on its master perfumers, Honorine Blanc and Amandine Clerc Marie, to design a floral woody scent. Composed in three phases: Valentino’s Color, Couture and Cool codes, VOCE VIVA allows each woman to radiate with fulfilment and confidence.

“Today more than ever, senses are the vehicles that will lead us to rebirth. This is the way I personally feel about fragrances: as a sensorial whole experience. VOCE VIVA to me is a truly immersive event, a sublime evocation that involves the body, as well as the mind, liberating instead of covering the skin with a tactile gesture: the perfume.

Feeling a human being before establishing a more direct contact is an intuitive, yet extremely intimate gesture. There is something radical in being open to the unpredictable and in being open to values that I have transferred to this project.

This fragrance came to my mind like a symphony, an amplification of all senses, which explains why it’s been so natural to work simultaneously on the scent and the bottle. The campaign and the movie itself are a celebration of equality, an homage to the generation of no boundaries. Among all senses, I selected VOCE (voice) as the first violin of the orchestra that plays the perfume symphony.

My voice is what I’m standing for, what makes me heard, it’s the statement of my individuality. Voice is a sign, the most immediate vehicle of expression, no voice is equal to another, and every voice sings to its own unique song.

They were different arias of the same unique evolving symphony that have amplified my voice. My strength,” says Pierpalo Piccioli.

Defined as the soundtrack to millions of lives for over a decade, Lady Gaga is an artist of pure emotion and the voice of a generation. Committed to speaking for those both less visible and more vulnerable, her deep respect for everyone’s individuality speaks to Valentino Beauty’s ethos to make everyday a self-celebration.

This new fragrance is available in Travel Retail, Europe, Middle East and Africa. VOCE VIVA will be showcased at several airports including Dubai, Doha, Madrid, Heathrow and Istanbul from September – December.

At Doha and Dubai airports, in safe and secure conditions, customers will be able to enjoy a unique voice print retailtainment. Customers will have the chance to record their voice into a microphone, then an axi-draw machine will sketch their sonograph onto a poster to be taken home.

At other airports, customers will be able to enjoy a digital experience by recording their voice into their smartphone through a QR code. Passengers can share their voice print and recording via social channels and messaging services.

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