July 25 2019  |  Airlines & Airports

Fast service the top traveler priority, reveals m1nd-set’s first F&B research

By Mary Jane Pittilla

Swiss research agency m1nd-set has revealed travelers’ perceptions of airport F&B outlets in airports globally.

The research firm has included airport food and beverage outlets in its latest report for the first time.

Convenience and price are among the key drivers in choosing where to eat in airports.

Fast service, healthy options and local flavors are the top three most important aspects.

Discovering new dishes and flavors, the provision of children’s menus and known international brands are also among the main priorities for international travelers surveyed by m1nd-set.

The report details the aspects of airport F&B that travelers say they are satisfied and dissatisfied with, as well as the key reasons for visiting airport restaurants and coffee shops. It also shows which customer segments tend to visit the various types of F&B outlets and why.

m1nd-set owner and CEO Peter Mohn said the company would be launching a quarterly newsletter on the fast-growing F&B sector.

This month’s m1nd-set report also focuses on employee engagement and the impact on spending levels.

It demonstrates a strong correlation between employee and customer engagement and reveals the significance of employee engagement programs to drive penetration and sales.

According to m1nd-set, engaged customers can generate up to 25% higher spend than customers who do not feel engaged.

In duty free shops in particular, travelers are far more likely to make a purchase when they interact with the store staff. Store visitors who are approached by staff are 9% more likely to convert into buyers while store visitors who approach the staff themselves are 32% more likely to convert into buyers.

m1nd-set Travel Retail Research Director Clara Susset said of the new report: “The F&B customer experience is, as with the airport retail customer experience, inextricably linked to staff interaction and the experience with store or restaurant employees. The qualitative research we conducted around this theme demonstrates the impact of successful employee and customer engagement both on satisfaction levels and sales. We also see higher levels of engagement on social media and viral marketing benefits where airport retail and F&B customers have had a positive experience.”

Susset continues: “Consumers are more engaged than ever before and want to participate in influencing how other consumers behave. In a world where there is so much choice for consumers, whether in a high street, shopping mall, food court or airport, it is essential for consumer-facing businesses to create and curate their unique culture to ensure customers enter, purchase, enjoy, share, praise and remain loyal.”

For details, contact Clara Susset at csusset@m1nd-set.com


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